Earlier this month we revamped our web hosting prices and resource allocations.
Existing customers will switch over to our new plans on the 28th May and will be invoiced at the new price on their next web hosting invoice after that date.
Since we send invoices 28 days before they are due customers won't be required to pay the new rate until the 25th June at the earliest.
Customers who joined BoltHost in April are already on our new plan pricing and can ignore this update.
Why are we doing this?
This is the first web hosting price increase we have done since BoltHost was launched in 2008. This will allow us to fund necessary regular infrastructure upgrades so that we can get back to providing New Zealand's best web hosting and avoid further service disruptions.
New web hosting plans
Plan Old monthly price New monthly price
Starter $14 $20
Standard $24 $34
Advanced $34 $48
Ultimate $44 $62
Some resource allocations are also changing.
For full details on our new plans please see
New reseller hosting plans
Reseller hosting has been split into multiple plans based on the number of sub accounts required. The new plans more accurately reflect the resources used by resellers and more fairly share the costs of running the platform. Most resellers will see increases of just $4 per month, however resellers with a large number of users will see significant increases.
If you are a reseller you will be moved automatically to the cheapest plan that fits the number of sub accounts you currently have.
For full details on our new reseller plans please see: 
Thank you
We'd like to thank our existing customers for being with BoltHost and for sticking with us during our recent service disruptions. 
As mentioned these changes are necessary to ensure that we can get back to providing the highest quality shared web hosting in New Zealand. Thank you for your understanding.
How to get in touch
If you are unsure about your new pricing or wish to discuss this further please email support@christopherbolt.com or call Chris on 021 267 3758

Sunday, April 30, 2023

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