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Distributed brute force attack on email accounts (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - Web Hosting
  • There is currently a brute force attack underway on our customer's email accounts, this affects all web hosting customers who host their email accounts with us.

    If you host your email elsewhere, such as with Google or Microsoft, you should still follow the advice given here because brute force attacks can happen on any platform at any time.

    A brute force attack is an automated attack that attempts to crack people's passwords by using a password dictionary or randomly generated passwords to attempt to log into people's accounts, the attack continues until they find a match.

    Their goal is to access email accounts to send spam, to scan your emails for passwords to other services and to try your password on other services since most people use the same password everywhere.

    This attack is distributed across a network of hundreds of compromised servers and computers making prevention a game of whac-a-mole.

    We are continually blocking these attacks as they appear and are confident in the security that we have in place.

    But you should do your part too, if you use a weak password they may be able to crack it before we can block them.

    Is your password strong enough? You could use this free online tool to find out:

    If you are using weak passwords please consider changing them. You can change your email passwords from our web hosting control panel at

    If you need assistance please let me know!

  • Date - 06/07/2022 16:40
  • Last Updated - 06/07/2022 17:05

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