Feb 24th New Billing & Support Portal Launched

Today I have completed and launched a major new overhaul of the billing and support portal with numerous improvements that I hope you will find useful. There are too many changes to mention but among other things it is now much easier to search, sort and manage your support tickets and invoices.

Jan 25th BoltMail Updated

Today we have updated BoltMail with some exciting new features: Surveys & Feedback Forms Use the drag & drop editor to quickly create a completely customized survey then link to it in your email or autoresponder and blast it out to your list. Responses are collected and can be analzyed, browsed and exported to Microsoft Excel for further ... Read More »

Sep 14th Support Ticket Issue

Yesterday during an update to our server software the support ticket system freaked out and re-opened a number of old tickets. This problem also alerted us to an issue where the ticketing system had failed to open some tickets in the past. We apologies for any frustration this has caused. The issue is now resolved and the system should now ... Read More »

Sep 14th PHP Tidy now available

We've installed PHP's Tidy extension so you can now use it in your web projects.


Feb 9th Webmail services updated

Today the RoundCube and Squirrelmail webmail services were updated to the latest version, RoundCube has some new features and bug fixes that you may find useful.

Feb 9th BoltMail Updated

Today we updated BoltMail with some new features: Find the Best Performing Campaign With Split Tests Split testing allows you to divide your list into equal parts and send each group a different version of your email. Unlike other email marketing software which limits you to A/B or "one or the other" split tests, you can test an unlimited ... Read More »

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