BoltMail 2.0 is here!

We've just released a new version of BoltMail, our online email marketing software, with some exciting new features: Drag & drop email editorSimply drag our ready-made components and layouts into your email, rearrange them how you like, change the colours, text and images, it's all super easy. Send in your contact's timezoneSend in your ... Read More »

New web hosting control panel skin

If you have logged into your DirectAdmin web hosting control panel recently you will have noticed that it has a totally new look! We think it's pretty awesome, but if you are having trouble with it, or have any questions, please just open a support ticket. If you have a re-seller account you might like to know that you can re-brand it with your ... Read More »

Turbo boost your website with PHP 7

Want your website to run faster? PHP 7 is here.PHP is the underlying technology that runs CMS driven websites including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, SilverStripe, CMS Made Simple and others. PHP 7 offers a significant performance boost over PHP 5. Websites running on PHP 7 are typically 2 to 5 times faster than they were on PHP 5. Every website will ... Read More »

Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ starting in July 2018

From July 2018 the popular Google Chrome browser will begin displaying a "not secure" message on all website's without a valid SSL certificate installed. That's all websites accessed over http:// instead of https://To ensure your visitors have trust in your website consider installing an SSL certificate and configuring your site to be accessed ... Read More »

New Shared Web Hosting Server

All BoltHost web hosting accounts have now been successfully moved to our new server.If you are having issues with your website or email please let us know so that we can sort this out for you quickly.Possible issues: A few minor issues have come to our attention that affect some rare use cases: 1. Email piping: If you had configured email ... Read More »

Web Hosting IP Address Changes

I am preparing to upgrade all web hosting and reseller hosting accounts to newer, faster servers later this year. This will probably happen in June. To facilitate this process you may be required to change the IP address of your domain(s). What you need to do: If you are using my nameservers then no action is required on your part. This is ... Read More »

Domain pricing reduced to just $27 per year!

We have reduce the pricing on all .nz domains and common international domains including .com, .net and .org to just $27+GST per year. That's a saving of 23%!The new pricing applies to new domain registrations and future renewals of existing domains. New pricing does not apply to domains that have already received renewal invoices however future ... Read More »

New Billing & Support Portal Launched

Today I have completed and launched a major new overhaul of the billing and support portal with numerous improvements that I hope you will find useful. There are too many changes to mention but among other things it is now much easier to search, sort and manage your support tickets and invoices.

BoltMail Updated

Today we have updated BoltMail with some exciting new features: Surveys & Feedback Forms Use the drag & drop editor to quickly create a completely customized survey then link to it in your email or autoresponder and blast it out to your list. Responses are collected and can be analzyed, browsed and exported to Microsoft Excel for further ... Read More »

Support Ticket Issue

Yesterday during an update to our server software the support ticket system freaked out and re-opened a number of old tickets. This problem also alerted us to an issue where the ticketing system had failed to open some tickets in the past. We apologies for any frustration this has caused. The issue is now resolved and the system should now ... Read More »


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