Updated spam filtering for BoltHost

We have updated our spam filtering rules for BoltHost web and email hosting accounts. Our testing indicates that our new custom rules can result in up to 70% less spam. If you experience a significant increase in emails incorrectly marked as spam or any other spam related issues please email support@christopherbolt.com

New business email hosting accounts launched

We have launched new business email accounts designed specifically for customers who require business email for their domain but do not require web hosting. These are perfect for customers who have their website hosted by a third party service such as Shopify. If you have your email hosted with us but have your website hosted elsewhere and would ... Read More »

New DNS record required for BoltMail sending domains

In order to keep up with evolving requirements for email verification sending domains now require an additional DNS record. This new record replaces the need for the SPF record that was previously required. The new record is as follows: Name = bmbounces Type = CNAME Value = app.boltmail.nz This new record allows us to use your domain for the ... Read More »

Web hosting price increases for 2023

Earlier this month we revamped our web hosting prices and resource allocations.   Existing customers will switch over to our new plans on the 28th May and will be invoiced at the new price on their next web hosting invoice after that date. Since we send invoices 28 days before they are due customers won't be required to pay the new rate until ... Read More »

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