BoltMail 2 has recently been updated to version 2.1 with some exciting new features. These new features are automatically available to all BoltMail 2 subscribers:

Countdown timer
Got an event coming up? Add a live countdown timer to your email campaigns, the countdown will tick down live in their inbox! Simply drag the Timer tool into your email campaign

Embed RSS feeds
You can now send recurring email campaigns that are automatically populated with your latest news or blog posts.
See Embed RSS feeds into your email campaign

Send groups
Use send groups to send copies of the same email campaign to multiple lists without sending again to subscribers that appear on multiple lists and without the need to merge lists. See How to use send groups

You can now create multiple logins for your account, this has been our most requested feature

Email box monitors
Create email box monitors to watch the emails arriving into an email account and take automated actions based on the content of those emails. You can use this to automatically unsubscribe people who send you an unsubscribe request and many other possibilities

Send emails based on whether a subscriber has opened or not opened a previous campaign
Another highly requested feature, and one of the last features to finally be ported over from BoltMail 1, you can now send an email that targets only subscribers who have, or have not, opened a previous campaign. You will find this option on the second "Setup" step when creating an email campaign, expand the "Show more options" button.


Saturday, July 2, 2022

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