How to upgrade/downgrade your plan

If your website has outgrown the resources of your current plan you can upgrade to a larger plan, or if you no-longer need the resources of your current plan you can downgrade to a smaller plan.

  1. Log into this support portal (if you havn't already) by clicking the login link above.
  2. Navigate to Services --> My Services from the navigation menu (this menu is only available once logged in).
  3. A table listing your products and services will be displayed. Click on the product you wish to upgrade/downgrade.
  4. Click the "Upgrade" button and follow the instructions.
Note: before upgrading you will need to pay all unpaid invoices that have been generated, even if they are not yet due. This is required so that the upgrade tool can correctly calculate the price to upgrade without double billing. Since invoices are generated 28 days before they are due, then most likely you will have an invoice to pay first. You can pay invoices by navigating to Billing --> My Invoices
If you have downgraded you will receive a credit on your account. If you have upgraded you will receive an invoice for the upgrade price.


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