How to edit domain nameservers, contacts or get the UDAI/EPP code

  1. Log into this support portal (if you havn't already) by clicking the login link above.
  2. Navigate to Domains --> My Domains from the menu (this menu is only available once logged in).
  3. A table listing your domains will be displayed. Click to the right of the domain you wish to edit.
  4. You will see a page of details for your domain. You will see a Manage menu on the left with management options for your domain. If you choose to get the UDAI/EPP code please note that the UDAI/EPP code will be emailed to the domain contact, so make sure this information is up to date first.

You cannot edit contact details or get the UDAI/EPP code if a domain has expired. You must first renew the domain, you will see a button to do this. However, unless you have just transferred the domain to us we will have already sent you an invoice for renewing the domain. Simply pay this invoice and the domain will be renewed.

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