How to upload files to your website

To upload files you have two options:

 - Log into the DirectAdmin control panel and use the File Manager to upload files. This can be a very slow process so is really a last resort.


 - Use FTP (recommended)

There are several free FTP programs available:

FileZilla (Windows and Mac)

WinSCP (Windows only)

My favourite is FileZilla.

Some web design software including the popular Adobe Dreameaver have an FTP client built in, consult the application's help if you are unsure.

Secure FTP login information

Connection type:

Please use FTPS instead of regular FTP. (SSH and SFTP are available on request)

Most FTP programs now give you a choice of connection methods, we strongly urge the use of FTPS (Sometimes called "FTP over TLS/SSL"). FTPS will ensure that your username and password is encypted. Regular FTP is not secure, the password is sent in the clear. At some point in the future we will disable the use of regular FTP for security reasons.
Please do not confuse FTPS with SFTP, although the acronyms are similar, they are completly different things. We only support FTPS and unless you have specifically requested SFTP access from us.

FTP Hostname:

FTP Path: /domains/
(FYI. there is a shortcut to your default domain's public_html folder at /public_html however we recommend against using this)

FTP Port: 21

Your FTP username and password is the same as for the DirectAdmin control panel. Your username and password will have been sent to you in an email when you signed up. If you have forgotten your password please use the forgotten password link on the DirectAdmin control panel login screen.

If you cannot connect or if the FTP software seems to hang while connecting you may need to select the option in your FTP software to enable Passive FTP.

Many companies and internet cafes block access to FTP from within their networks so if you still cannot connect you may need to check with your IT department or access from home.

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