30/04/23 Web hosting price increases for 2023

Earlier this month we revamped our web hosting prices and resource allocations.   Existing customers will switch over to our new plans on the 28th May and will be invoiced at the new price on their next web hosting invoice after that date. Since we send invoices 28 days before they are due customers won't be required to pay the new rate until ... Read More »

02/07/22 The latest new features in BoltMail 2.1

BoltMail 2 has recently been updated to version 2.1 with some exciting new features. These new features are automatically available to all BoltMail 2 subscribers: Countdown timerGot an event coming up? Add a live countdown timer to your email campaigns, the countdown will tick down live in their inbox! Simply drag the Timer tool into your email ... Read More »