Wordpress integrations

Before we get started check out the following help topics for general integration advice that works with any website:

Now let's take a look at Wordpress since this is the most popular website CMS. Unfortunately we don't yet have any of our own plugins for Wordpress but there are third party plugins that do work.

3rd party MailWizz plugins
BoltMail should be compatible with any plugin that offers support for MailWizz (this applies to all platforms not just WordPress)
MailWizz is a generic self-hosted email marketing tool that BoltMail is compatible with.
Note that as we are not affiliated with MailWizz or these third party vendors we are limited in the support we can offer but we'll do our best!

When using a plugin that supports MailWizz you will be asked to enter the following credentials:

Our API is found at https://app.boltmai.nz/api

API Key or Public Key:
You can generate your API key by clicking "API keys" from the menu in BoltMail

Private Key
Some plugins may ask for a private key, we do not support the private key so leave this one blank, the plugin should still work

List of known Wordpress plugins that support the MailWizz API, in most cases you will need the "Pro" version to integrate with BoltMail:

Green Forms
A decent looking form builder

Contact Form 7
A decent looking form builder

An advanced WordPress page builder, their form builder supports MailWizz integration

The following plugins have not been updated in a while so use with caution:

MailWizz Newsletter Box
A subscription form widget

Popup builder by AZEXO
A popup window builder than can display a subscription form

Layered Pop
A popup window builder that can display a subscription form


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