Getting started with BoltMail

The system is easy to use.

  1. Your first step should be to create a contact list, you can create as many as you like (Lists --> Create New).
  2. Then you might want to create some custom fields to store any information you like about your customers such as their first name, last name, birthday, company etc. Click on the list you created and then click on 'Custom Fields'
  3. You can then add contacts to your new list. Click on the list you created and then click 'Subscribers'. Then click 'Create new' to manually add a subscriber or click 'Import' to import your subscribers from a CSV file. 
  4. You can create and send email campaigns from the Campaigns menu. Before sending a campaign you may want to add a sending domain to improve delivery rates, see: Creating a sending domain
  5. You can generate a subscribe form to add to your website from Lists --> Click on the list you created -> then click on Forms.

There are heaps of other features including surveys and statistics but the above should get you started.

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