Two factor authentication

As an email marketer you are storing the personal contact details for your customers, it is essential that you keep this data safe, failure to do so could be a breach of the Privacy Act. A data breach could cause major damage to your company reputation and depending on the type of personal data being storing it could also cause injury to your subscribers.

We strongly recommend enabling two factor authentication (sometimes called multi factor authentication, 2FA, or MFA), this ensures that even if a bad actor guesses or obtains your password they still cannot log into your account. This is especially important if you are using the same password on other services because a data breach on those other services could give away the password you are using on BoltMail, and let's be honest most of us re-use the same passwords across multiple services!

Two factor authentication in BoltMail requires that you download a free authenticator app to you phone, once enabled every time you log into BoltMail you will be asked to enter the random code generated by the authenticator app. This secures your account because now a bad actor needs to steal your password AND your phone.

To get started download an authenticator app from your phone's app store, BoltMail works with any authenticator app including Authy, 2FA Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Google Authenticator, Last Pass Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

We recommend Authy because it backs up your authentication code to the cloud so that if you loose or move to a new phone you can easily restore your authenticator. Most other authenticators do not offer this which can lead to being locked out of your accounts.

Once you have downloaded an authenticator app follow the steps below to enable two factor authentication:

  1. Log into BoltMail if you are not already
  2. Click on your name top right and click on "My Account"
  3. Then click on the "2FA" tab
  4. Now using your authenticator app scan the QR code shown
  5. Then set 2FA enabled to Yes and save your changes

Now every time you log into BoltMail you will be asked for the random code generated by your authenticator app.

You should also enable two factor authentication for this billing and support portal, login if you are not already (top right), then click on your name (top right) and choose "Security Settings"

Most other online services also support two factor authentication so consider enabling it everywhere you can!

Please also consider using a password manager so that your passwords are strong and unique across all the online services that you use.

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