Creating a tracking domain

Tracking domains are an advanced feature that allow you to use your own domain (or sub-domain) in tracking links.
To track link clicks we re-write the links in your email campaigns so that they briefly go through the boltmail server to allow us to record the link click before sending the subscriber on to the actual link destination.
This happens so quickly that most subscribers won't notice. However you may prefer the links to go through your own branded domain rather than boltmail.
For this to work you will need to set up your own domain or sub-domain such as with a DNS CNAME record that points to

To get started add your tracking domain e.g. in BoltMail at Domains -> Tracking domains.

Then contact your domain registrar, web host, or whomever manages your domain and ask them to set up the domain or sub-domain with a DNS CNAME record that points to

Once this is done confirm that the domain works by visiting your tracking domain in your web browser, you should see the BoltMail application. If it doesn't work please open a support ticket and we will check what the issue is for you.

To use your tracking domain make sure you select it when creating a campaign. You can have more than one tracking domain and set the domain to use per campaign.

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