Managing your lists outside of BoltMail

We are aware that some customers need to mange their lists outside of BoltMail, here are a few quick tips that might make this easier.

If you are importing new lists for each campaign you send please note that we do not recommend this as it may result in sending to people who have unsubscribed form your previous lists, you will need to keep your external list up to date!

Exporting unsubscribes
To update an external list you will first need to export your unsubscribers from BoltMail, please see: How to export unsubscribes

To remove unsubscribes from an Excel sheet
If you then need to remove these unsubscribes from your Excel spreadsheet please check out these external articles (we are not affiliated with any of these links, I'm just listing them here in the hope they will be useful!)

This forum post I found on explains how to use a VB macro to remove data from one spreadsheet using the data from another:
I need to remove the data from one spreadsheet based on the data from another

This article I found in explains how to do this using formulas and how to do it with a 3rd party plugin:
How To Exclude Values In One List From Another In Excel?

Found a better article? Please let me know!

To remove unsubscribes from a list in BoltMail
Another approach is to import your full list into BoltMail and then use our "Bulk actions from source" tool to remove the unsubscribes in BoltMail
To do this navigate to Lists > Lists, click on the list name, then click on Subscribers. Now click on the "Bulk actions from source" button. Here you can upload your unsubscribes export to remove them from the list, make sure you choose "Unsubscribe" from the actions menu. You can use this tool to perform all kinds of other actions too, it's really useful.

Automatically syncing an external application or CRM
For this we recommend using our API, you will need assistance from a web or software developer for this one! See How to use the API

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