Reconfirming your subscribers

You may need to reconfirm your subscribers to comply with spam laws such as the New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act, GDPR (Europe), Can Spam Act (USA) or just to tidy up your list. It is also a good idea to reconfirm stale subscribers who have not interacted with your company for some time. Stale subscribers may not expect to receive emails from you and may report your emails as spam.

Here is how to do it:

First change the status of all subscribers that you wish to reconfirm to "Unconfirmed". To do thisĀ go to Lists > Lists, click on the name of your list, then click Subscribers, tick the subscribers and choose "Unconfirm" from the bulk actions menu.

Then to reconfirm them tick them all again and choose "Resend confirmation email". This will send them an email asking them to confirm their subscription. The wording for the confirmation email can be edited at Lists > Lists, click on the name of the list, then click "Pages & messages", then click on "Subscribe confirm email".

If you have a large number of subscribers to reconfirm then manually ticking them to perform these bulk actions might be unpractical! So instead you can use the "Bulk actions from source" button, this allows you to upload a list of subscribers to perform the bulk actions against rather than manually ticking them, remember to first run the "Unconfirm" action before running the "Resend confirmation email" action.

As with anything if you need advice or assistance feel free to open a support ticket or give us a call.

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