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If a recipient of your email campaign decides to forward the email to a friend or colleague there is no way to track this. So you may like to add a "Forward to a friend" link or button to your email. When your recipient clicks this link they will be taken to a form where they can enter their friend's details to forward your email to, they can enter their friend's email address, add their own subject line, and include a short message. This is then tracked and will show in your campaign statistics. While you cannot legally then send an email to that friend (because they haven't consented to receive emails from you), this information may still be useful for gauging audience interaction or for a promotion where you might reward subscribers for inviting their friends to join. 

To add a "forward to a friend" link simply add a link or button to your email with the URL set to [FORWARD_FRIEND_URL]

If using the drag and drop email builder, type out the text you want for the link such as "Forward this email to a friend", highlight that text and click the "Insert/edit link" button, the "Insert/edit link" window will open, from the "Special Links" menu choose "Forward Friend". Alternatively you could drag across a button and then from "Special Links" choose "Forward Friend".

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