Why you should always respect your unsubscribes

Some business owners believe that it's best to make it difficult for their customers or contacts to unsubscribe or will continue to send them emails anyway.

I'm of the opinion that marketing is not about ramming your products down people's throat, it's about making them feel so good about your company that they ram your products down their own throats!

Continuing to email contacts who have request to be unsubscribed, or making it difficult for them to unsubscribe, will not result in increased sales, it may well do the opposite.

Sending emails that are not directly relevant to your contacts will also not help, it may just annoy them.

Failure to respect your customers wishes will not make them like your company more and will not make them want to buy more from you, instead it will usually make them think less of your business and damage the relationship.

If customers report your emails as spam to their email service providers this can result in spam filters sending all of your emails to the spam folder, even for those that are interested and do want to receive your messages. Failure to respect unsubscribes can damage your company reputation.

It's also worth remembering that just because someone has unsubscribed this does not mean that you have lost them as a customer, I'll often unsubscribe from mailing lists when I've finished researching that topic or product purchase, but I'll be back in the future when I'm interested again. 

If you are receiving allot of unsubscribes you may be emailing too frequently or the content of your emails may not be relevant or interesting enough, consider addressing these issues. If you need advice or assistance please just let us know! We are here to help you get the most out of your email marketing.

You need to have the consent of your customers before you can send them marketing emails, please see How to ensure you are not sending spam

You should always use double-opt-in on your subscription forms, please see Signup confirmation - double opt in

You should remove or reconfirm stale subscribers who have not interacted with your company for some time, please see: Reconfirming your subscribers

If you are managing your lists outside of BoltMail or creating new lists on a regular basis then please make sure you are removing unsubscribes, please see Managing your lists outside of BoltMail

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